Wow, can I really post via MS Word?

As I gear up to begin writing new content on my blog, I’ve been looking at accessible tools that I might use to make the entire writing/editing/publishing process just a bit easier. Back when I was primarily a Mac user, I fell in love with MarsEdit, an absolutely fantastic application that made writing and publishing an absolute joy. Alas, I have yet to find an even remotely comparable solution on Windows.


For years, I’ve heard that it’s possible to publish blog posts directly from Microsoft Word. Try though I might, however, I’ve never been able to get the Word solution working. I’m not sure if tonight’s attempt will be any different, but at least fields are showing up where they should be and wonder of wonders, nothing’s crashed yet. Still, as excited as I am about the possibility of being able to blog directly from Word, I’m curious what other solutions people out there might be using? Hopefully, fingers crossed, more content will be coming soon.

3 thoughts on “Wow, can I really post via MS Word?”

    1. I was using Word 2013. I do still use a Mac, but Windows has become my primary desktop operating system.

    2. Hi there, I tried that with Word 2013 but believe Word 2010 can also do this. No, I’m not using a Mac anymore, just Windows and iOS.

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