The amazing kitchen gadget that is the OptiGrill

The OptiGrill is an amazing kitchen gadget that, with its audible alerts, is very accessible. This demo is repodcasted courtesy of Accessible Devices.

2 thoughts on “The amazing kitchen gadget that is the OptiGrill”

  1. I absolutely love mine. Had a few fits and starts dealing with putting the plates back in right which caused errors in cooking, but as a blind guy it really fits the bill. Or is it fits the grill? Have cooked steaks, burgers, makes a heck of a grilled cheese. Have yet to try bacon but it will happen.

    1. Rob, thanks for your comment. I too had a bit of trouble with the plates initially, but I think I’ve got the hang of it now. I’m curious, how did your steak come out? That’s definitely on my list of foods to try in the very near future.

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