Testing the Mobile Podcaster app

In this brief recording, I test an app, Mobile Podcaster which allows one to record a podcast episode directly on an iOS device, specify a description and publish. Since the app hasn’t been updated since 2013, I’m not sure if it’ll even work. With fingers crossed, I shall hit the botton to bublish and see what happens.


4 thoughts on “Testing the Mobile Podcaster app”

  1. Well, when I hit the image play link, it disappeared, and I don’t see any way to play it now. And the file is not in my downloads. The show notes showed up fine though.

    1. Thanks for letting me know, apparently I have things working, but still need to make some modifications to the actual player.

    1. This is super exciting, and I’m definitely looking forward to the update and seeing what’s new. Thanks again for taking this on, yours is a much needed application.

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