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This video taken from within the Braunschweig dome mentioned in my last post. I’m not sure how good the lighting was, so have no clue how it actually came out.

One thing that really impressed me though is the acoustics of the dome. It’s one of those places you wouldn’t want to whisper something in as if you were to do so, people on the other side could probably hear it as if you were standing next to them.

If needed, here’s a direct link.

Braunschweig has a very famous and very old dome. When I started taking this video, I thought it was the actual dome we were videoing. Of course this was not the case as we were too far away, but I think we got some nice video of some other old buildings including Braunschweig’s town hall.

Again, a direct link can be found hereGermany201007/15/2010Germany201007/15/2010.

While visiting a former classmate in Braunschweig earlier today, I attempted to take a few videos. Half way through this one, I realized that the sighted person with me would probably do a much better job. Of course he was confused as I had my iPhone screen turned off and as such, he was unable to see anything.

Braunschweig, like many German cities, is very old. One of the things I found most interesting, however, is that there are many Braille signs throughout the city, often accompanied with tactile models of the various buildings.

As mentioned above, i attempted taking this video, but half way through, handed the iPhone off to another person. Anyway, hopefully that will at least explain any confusion in the video.

Finally, in case you’re unable to access the video, click here for a direct link.

Earlier today, we visited Schloss Marienburg , a near by castle. Assuming I’m doing this right, a very big assumption in deed, the following should be photos taken while at the castle. If I’m doing this wrong, well, I don’t know what will happen.