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Accepting physical credit card payments, the accessible PayPal solution

For many small businesses, the inaccessibility of payment solutions have often posed barriers to accepting physical credit card payments. More recently, services such as Squared and PayPal have entered the arena with solutions that provide small businesses and individuals the ability to accept physical credit cards using a small device connected to an OS or Android device. Although ultra portable and ultra convenient, these solutions traditionally pose accessibility challenges as well, because the card reader devices connect via the headphone jack and this disables speech output which may be needed for accessibility.

Although I wasn’t able to make a great deal of headway with the Squared solution, I did have success with PayPal’s. In the following audio demonstration, I’ll show how PayPal’s solution works with VoiceOver and will describe how to overcome it’s accessibility challenges.

In memory of Titanic, some interesting resources that bring events to life.

So today is the anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic and as such, I thought I’d share a few rather interesting resources. One often overlooked aspect of the Titanic are the actions portrayed by her radio operators. Using Morse code, these brave folks not only did their absolute best to message the world that help was needed, but were daily engaged in handling lots of traffic to and from passengers. The BBC did a really neat documentary, “The Titanic, in Her own Words” on the radio operators. Using speech synthesizers to read out many of the Morse code messages recorded on this fateful night, you can’t help, but get an idea of just how chaotic things must have been. You can listen to this fascinating documentary here.

There is also a Twitter stream, @TitanicRealtime, which is tweeting what events might have been like from a first person point of view. I’m watching these tweets as I write this post and have to say, it really helps bring this horrific event to life in a way that only social media can.

I hope you enjoy these resources and find them as interesting as I do.