It’s times like now that I wish I were able to drive. I’d love to jump in a car and go. Go anywhere.

Note to self, taking a big swig of soda is *not* a good idea when its yesterday’s and the ice is all melted in addition… Read More »

Turn your bluetooth cell phone into a device to lock/unlock doors.

Actual advice on utilizing privacy settings in Facebook for personal and professional use ยป (

THis week’s Assistive Technology show just posted. Search in iTunes or follow link for more details. (

Laughing hysterically at: “Porn industry seeks federal bailout” (

Evaluating Amigo, a Mac Facebook desktop app. (

Laughing at: Lazy Daredevil To Lie Across 12 Couches (

Just took my first sip of a very yummy cup of raspberry swirl coffee. The day is already looking brighter.