Is up, is armed with coffee and is determined to make today a good day.

is getting ready for a teleconference to discuss Daisy options on the Mac.

Is backing up in preparation for making the jump to latest WordPress.

Can you believe this? No, it’s not The Onion. “Would-be Chinese bride, 107, seeks first husband” (

Wow it’s cold!!! 4 DG F, -16 DG C. Definitely a long sleeves day.

Is on hold with T-Mobile and they’re playing Christmas music. Should I tell them it’s passed?

Anyone remember an old VOIP program, Speak Freely? I loved the way it used “reflectors” for conferencing. Wish something similar existed.

Is trying to figure out how to use resume templates in Pages.

Time for bed, tomorrow will come early. Well guess it comes at the same time as always, but …

is getting the latest nightly build of Webkit in the hopes it will work better with Facebook and VoiceOver.