7 ways to listen to Pandora without a web browser<div class="link_description"><p>Since discovering that the Pandora music service is very accessible on the iStuff earlier today, I’m now curious how to bring an accessible experience to both the Mac and Windows. Sadly, my understanding is that the Pandora web site leaves a lot to be desired in terms of accessibility. So, just what is Pandora anyway? Well, in a nutshell, you can create a station based on an artist, group of artists or song. Pandora plays something by that artist and then starts looking for tracks that are similar. As a song plays, you can give it a “thumbs up,” or a “thumbs down” essentially letting the service know how good it’s choice was. Over time, the service perfects its suggestions meaning that in the end, you hear the type of music you want to hear. And with it available via the web, via the iThings and possibly other platforms as well, you can hear what you want, virtually where you want. </p>

For more info, check out Pandora’s web site.