Apple rolling iBooks out across iOS 4 devices, <div class="link_description"><p>This is the app I’ve been waiting for since I started working with what’s now known as iOS4. iBooks for those unaware, is Apple’s new bookstore and accompanying application. Basically, one can use iBooks to purchase and download books from Apple’s iBooks store and can read them accessibly. BookShare and the new digital talking book library services are fantastic, but in my mind, nothing beats having the ability to have access to a newly published book at the same time as everyone else. In addition to allowing one to purchase books from Apple’s iBook store, the new version of iBooks will allow the importing of PDF files in addition to EPUB materials from other sources.</p>

iBooks has been available as an app for Apple’s iPad since the iPad’s inception, but with iOS4 due to officially be released on June 21, the app will be available for iPhone and iPod touch users. For us blind and low vision folks who love to read, these are exciting times for sure.