Twitterrific for Mac Updated <div class="link_description"><p>Accessibility enhancements have been very well incorporated within Twitterrific making it a fantastic, accessible Twitter client for blind Mac users. Many months ago when I originally started using Twitterrific, I wrote its developer, Craig Hockenberry, concerning some accessibility issues. Not only did Craig address all issues in an extremely timely fashion, but implemented additional changes making the app even more usable by the blind.</p>

Mickey Roberson, developer of Syrinx, another fantastic Twitter app has also been extremely responsive to feedback from VoiceOver users by increasing the overall accessibility of Syrinx while adding keyboard shortcuts that make life just a bit easier for all.

What I find especially amazing is that both applications are FREE! OK, Twitterrific has a paid version that removes advertising while viewing the timeline, but no matter how you slice it, neither Craig, or Mickey are going to make their first million because of their accessibility efforts. Obviously I don’t know why they’ve taken the extra time and effort to do what they do, but I think their work has gone largely unnoticed by all, but a select few. Developers like this are really incredible people, incredible because by their actions and interest, they care about and ensure their products are usable by all — I sure wish other developers would learn by their example.

It is my opinion that as blind people, we should do all we can to support developers who go that extra mile. Even if a product is free, we can help by promoting it, clicking a donate link if one is present, buying registered versions if possible, or heck, even just sending a note of thanks for a job well done. Blind or not, if you’re using Twitterrific, or Syrinx, know that you’re not only using a truly awesome Twitter app, but you’re supporting folks who really do care about making the world a more accessible place.