Me: So, when it’s Summer here, places like New Zealand and Australia have Winter. Gabby: Really? Me: Yep, and as we’re getting ready to have fall, they’re getting ready to have Spring. Gabby: So when we have Winter, they have Summer? Me: Yep, you’ve got it. Gabby: So they have no snow for CHristmas? Me: Nope, it’s too hot. Gabby: What do they do for Christmas if they have no snow? Me: I’m not sure really, but as it’s summer, maybe those that live near the ocean can go to the beach. Gabby: To the beach? On Christmas? Me: Why not, don’t you think that might be kind of fun? Gabby: But if they have no snow, how does Santa move his sleigh? Me: Doesn’t his sleigh fly? Gabby: If it’s hot outside, wouldn’t Santa be hot just flying around? Me: Well, um, … Gabby: And he can’t wear shorts because Santa doesn’t ever wear shorts. Me: Well, .. I’m not sure then. Gabby: Those people who live near the ocean are very lucky. Me: Why are they lucky? Gabby: Because Santa can get to them. Me: How? Gabby: With a surf board silly. Me: A surf board? Gabby: Of course, how else?