Creating services in Snow Leopard, why do we care?How to create a Service in Snow Leopard | Mac OS X | Macworld<div class="link_description"><p>I recently read this article which describes a new feature of Snow Leopard which allows users to create services. When I initially clicked the article, my thought was who’s gona really care about this? The provided example, however, made me rethink this entirely.</p>

The article discusses creating a service that would extract the text from a PDF document, without needing to go through the hassle of opening the PDF document first. Of course the example does more than just that, but the main thing is text extraction. Often, I come across PDF documents which I can read fine, but for one reason or another, I would prefer to have the document as text. Opening the PDF and copying out the text works great, but using Snow Leopard’s new services creation feature, this task becomes much much easier. Anyway, even if you’re not a real techie, this article is worth a read, if only to present possibilities.